Windows: How to add a server name and IP to the hosts file?

1. Run the notebook as Administrator


2. Open the hosts file

In the open notebook, click “File -> Open ...” and indicate the path to the hosts file that I gave below.

To make the hosts file visible, choose from the list “All files (*)“.

3. Let’s add new entry

At the bottom of the open file, we add an entry. I added that port is supposed to solve the name of the host “cloudera“. In that, in the search engine instead of entering the IP address now, it will be possible to use the host name.

Save file.


4. Verification

Verification that our hostname is solved correctly on the IP address can be performed using the “Command Prompt” and the “ping” command available under Windows system.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the name “cloudera” was correctly solved to the address “”.

In case we made a mistake, we received the information:


C:\>ping test_host Ping request could not find host test_host. Please check the name and try again.

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