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In this post I will show you how you can easily (VSCode Edit all rows) column values in multiple rows at once. Thanks to this trick, you will save a lot of time, which you could lose by tedious editing each row separately.

Visual Studio Code (VSCode Edit all rows) Multiline

The following gif shows how to remove columns from all marked rows and how to add any text.

Key combination Shift + Alt

To be able to edit the text, position the mouse cursor where you want to start editing, then hold down Shift + Alt and press the left mouse button. We can use arrows instead of mouse.

VSCode Edit all rows (multi positions) in/or Visual Studio Code - super easy 2 short tips?

Notepad++ Alt + Mouse

In Notepad ++, the situation is very similar, but only the key combination is equal. Namely, hold down the key: Alt and select the area you want to edit with the mouse cursor.


Both of these tools are inseparable in everyday work. Often, tedious editing can make life difficult and we don’t need to waste time on it. Knowing these types of tricks, we will save ourselves a lot of nerves and most importantly – time, which is priceless!

Could You Please Share This Post? 
I appreciate It And Thank YOU! :)
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