Ubuntu Linux: The Brother DCP-J562DW scanner does not work


If you’ve ever encountered a problem with a not working scanner then this post is just for you. I was terribly depressed like every time I had to scan something, the same problem arose – the scanning program, whether Simple Scan or Gscan2pdf did not detect my scanner. But after a few hours of searching for information on the Internet, which may be the reason, I managed to find a solution that I present to you below.


First, find out what your device’s IP address is. To do this, search for your printers in the settings, then click the “Additional Printer Settings …” button -> Click “Add” button with green plus -> Expand “Network Printers” and after a moment you will see the connected printer with the assigned IP address. In my case it was:

Once we have the IP address, we proceed to the next step. From Terminal, run the following comedy. Change the IP address to your device name and model.

sudo brsaneconfig4 -a name=MyBrotherDCP-J562DW  model=MyBrotherDCP-J562DW ip=

Then run the following command.

brsaneconfig4 -q

Click OK.

From this moment you can enjoy a working scanner 🙂

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Thanks in advanced!

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