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Talend Data Integration" provides a complete solution [ Talend" Complete online training ] for data integration and management. It has a lot of built-in components enabling work with databases, cloud computing and a number of various network services. Thanks to the ready-made component palette, you can build integration processes quickly and easily.


Talend Open Studio for Data Integration

Talend" Open" Studio for Data Integration is a free and open-source data integration platform that provides a set of tools for designing, developing, and deploying ETL" (extract, transform, load) jobs and data pipelines. It allows you to connect to a variety of data sources, extract and transform data, and load it into various target systems.

Talend" Open Studio for Data Integration includes a graphical design environment that allows you to build ETL" jobs and data pipelines using drag-and-drop components. It supports a wide range of data sources and targets, including databases, flat files, cloud storage, and big data" platforms. It also provides a range of capabilities for data cleansing, data quality, and data governance.

Talend" Open" Studio for Data Integration is a popular choice for data integration projects due to its wide range of features, flexibility, and scalability. It is widely used by organizations of all sizes for a variety of data integration tasks, including data migration, data synchronization, and data integration.

ETL (extract, transform, load)

ETL" (extract, transform, load) is a process that involves extracting data from one or more sources, transforming it to meet the requirements of the target system, and loading it into the target system. ETL" is a common approach to moving and transforming data between systems, and it is widely used in data warehousing, business intelligence, and other data-driven applications.

The extract phase of the ETL" process involves extracting data from various sources, such as databases, flat files, or cloud storage. The transform phase involves converting the data into a format that is compatible with the target system and applying any necessary transformations or cleansing. The load phase involves loading the data into the target system, such as a data warehouse or a database".

ETL" processes can be complex, and they often require specialized tools and technologies to extract, transform, and load data efficiently and reliably. There are many ETL" tools and platforms available that provide a range of features and capabilities for designing, developing, and deploying ETL" jobs and data pipelines.

About The Talend Complete Online Training

In this course, you will learn how to build ETL" processes in Talend" Open" Studio for Data Integration. I will introduce how to use components with flat files, databases, basic components that you can use in all ETL" processes, regardless of whether you deal with data warehouses or big data" systems. (Talend" Complete online training)

During the training you will also learn how to manage a group of processes, i.e. what is a master job, how we can clean up data using Talend", how to manage variables and many other necessary issues when working with Talend" Studio.

At the end of the training, you can take the test, which is a great way to test your knowledge of Talend Open Studio Data Integration before the recruitment meeting. It also contains many topics that appear on the Talend" Data Integration v7 Certified Developer Exam. Good luck!

What should you know before starting?

Absolutely nothing! However, if you have already used another ETL" tool before, training will be much simpler for you.


2.Installation of Talend Open Studio Data Integration
3".How to navigate the TOS DI tool
4.The most popular components
5.Working with flat files
6.Working with databases
7.Joining data sources with the tMap component
8.Using of context variables
9.Triggers and error handling
10.Master and stadalone job
11.Best practises
12.Quiz – check your knowledge!
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