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In this short post I will show you how to using SVN create new branch and clone the repository in the SVN repository and how to make a copy of the main repository in your local branch.


What is SVN?

Subversion is used to keep track of both current and previous versions of projects. Subversion is a centralised version control system that is free and open source. It’s under the Apache licence. It’s also known as a software revisioning and version management system.

What is trunk, branch and tag

The SVN repository (SubVersioN) consists of three main directories: Trunk, Branches and Tags. Trunk is the main branch, the project line, where all stable scripts go. Branches is a catalog where all side development lines of the project are stored, which we can implement to the main line. What does it mean? If you want to add any fix to the script located in the trunk directory, you should first create a branch, where you will keep the new version of the script until both branches are merged. Tags are mark of specific versions that allow us to restore them at any time.

SVN Create New Branch And Clone The Repository

We are creating a new branch:

svn mkdir "your url" -m "your comment"

Before adding new scripts or adding a new version of an existing file, copy the trunk content to your branch:

svn copy "your trunk url" "your branch url" -m "your comment"
Could You Please Share This Post? 
I appreciate It And Thank YOU! :)
Have A Nice Day!


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