[SOLVED] SQL Developer How To Restore Connections Tab – Save Your Time! 2 Easy & Short Solutions!

SQL Developer How to restore Connections tab – 2 easy & short solutions?
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If you have been using SQL Developer" for some time, you have probably encountered the situation (SQL Developer" How to restore Connections Tab) that you accidentally or for various reasons closed the Connections tab. However, how to restore or add it again and get a default" view in SQL Oracle Developer? In this short post I will show you how to add it in two ways.


SQL Developer

SQL Developer" is a free, graphical tool for working with SQL and Oracle" databases. It is developed by Oracle" Corporation and is widely used by database" administrators and developers for tasks such as creating and modifying database objects, running SQL" queries and scripts, and managing database" users and security.

SQL Developer" provides a number of features and tools for working with databases", including:

  • A graphical user" interface for running SQL" queries and scripts, as well as for browsing and managing database" objects.
  • Support for working with a variety of database systems, including Oracle", MySQL", Microsoft" SQL Server", Teradata", and others.
  • Integration with Oracle" Cloud services and Oracle" Developer Tools for Visual Studio.
  • Features for working with data, such as data modeling, data export and import, and data visualization.

To use SQL Developer", you will need to install it on your computer and connect to a database. You can then use the graphical interface and various tools to work with the database and perform tasks such as creating tables, running queries, and managing users and security.

Connections Tab

the Connections tab is used to manage database connections. It provides a list of all the connections that have been defined, as well as tools for creating new connections, modifying existing connections, and disconnecting from databases.

SQL Developer How To Restore Connections Tab?

If the Connections tab is not visible or has been accidentally closed, you can restore it by following these steps:

  1. Go to the View menu and select the “Connections” option.
  2. This will open" the Connections tab, which should display a list of all the connections that have been defined.

Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F10 to toggle the visibility of the Connections tab.

If the Connections tab is not displaying any connections or is showing an error message, it is possible that the connections have been lost or corrupted. In this case, you may need to recreate the connections by following the steps I provided in my previous response.

The first way you can add any SQL" Developer tab" (Connections, SQL" History, Debugger or Dbms Output). To do this, click on the View menu bar and then Connections. The Connections tab will be visible default" on the left .

SQL Developer How to restore Connections tab - 2 easy & short solutions?
How to enable connection tab in Oracle" SQL Developer"

Restart Tool Window To Default Settings

open" Windows" -> Reset Windows" to Factory Settings. Check the following image where it is in Oracle" SQL Developer".

SQL Developer How to restore Connections tab - 2 easy & short solutions?
SQL Developer" won’t show the connections tab

SQL Developer Left Side Panel Missing

Using the above solution you can also resolve problem if the left side panel is missing.


Sometimes, despite the fact that these types of posts are not interesting in any way, it can actually saves a lot of time when we try to find a solution on our own in the maze of various options in the tool. I hope you found this post helpful this time too! If you have any further questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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