SQL Developer How Change Password? – 2 Cool And Simple Methods?

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In this short tutorial I will bring you closer to the topic: SQL Developer How Change Password / Reset Password? We can change the password in at least two ways, using:

SQL Developer How change password in Oracle Database?

Changing the password may be forced by security reasons, that you need to set a more suitable password, or you simply are approaching the expiration date of the password and we want to change it before the deadline. Or even you forgot Oracle database password.

In this tutorial I will show you 2 approaches how you can change the password.

  1. SQL syntax
  2. Using Oracle SQL Developer software.

Method 1 -> SQL Statement

In first method you can use any Database Editor you like. It can be DBeaver, Toad or SQL Developer from Oracle.

Using SQL syntax. Use below SQL statement, change to your values and execute.

alter user user_name identified by you_new_password replace old_password;

Method 2 -> Using SQL Developer Tool

Using Oracle tool. Click the right mouse button on the connection to which you want to change the password, then select “Reset password…”. In the new window, first enter the current password, then enter the new password twice and click “OK“.

SQL Developer How change password? - 2 cool and simple methods?
Changing password with Oracle SQL Developer


I hope that thanks to this short post you were able to change your password and everything works as it should 🙂 Let me know if you liked this post.

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