[SOLVED] Teradata Error 3854 SQLState HY000 – is not a view – cool tip in 3 mins!

[SOLVED] Teradata Error 3854 SQLState HY000 - is not a view - cool tip in 3 mins!
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In this post I will explain why you encountered an error [ Teradata Error" 3854 SQLState HY000" ] [Error 3854] <your object name> is not a view while executing the DDL query at Teradata", what caused the problem and how to resolve it.



One of the well-known Relational Database Management Systems was Teradata". It is mostly appropriate for creating complex data warehousing systems. Teradata" does this via the parallelism notion. It is created by the Teradata" business.

I used the word “was”, because in my opinion currently there are more better databases which we can use: Snowflake for instance.

Teradata Error 3854 SQLState HY000

This error can occurs when:

  • you try execute SQL" query appropraite to the view, but the name of the object that you used – is not a view. It means that at the current database" exists table or macro with the same name.
  • the syntax of the SQL" statement is invalid. This error may be caused by a typo, a missing keyword, or an incorrect data type in the statement.

To troubleshoot this error, you should check the syntax of your SQL" statement to make sure that it is correct. Make sure that all keywords are spelled correctly and that all required clauses are present. You should also check the data types of your columns to make sure that you are using the correct data types in your statement.

If you are unable to resolve the error after checking the syntax of your statement, you may want to try running the statement in a different tool, such as the Teradata" SQL" Assistant, to see if it generates any additional error messages or hints about what might be causing the problem.

For example, if at the current database exists table with name TUT_EMPLOYEE and you try execute query like below, you get the 3854 error code.

   <list of attributes>
   <list of attributes> 
FROM <table name>;

Checking Object Type in Teradata

After getting 3854 error code, check if the object which you referred is the view. You can verify it using the below query:

WHERE DATABASENAME ='<your database name>'


That’s all. I hope that it help you! 🙂

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