[Solved] Talend: tSAPTableInput DATA_BUFFER_EXCEEDED error

When running a Job in Talend, where you use the tSAPTableInput component, you may encounter the following error.


[FATAL]: repository.job_dfkkop_0_1.job_DFKKOP - tSAPTableInput_1 DATA_BUFFER_EXCEEDED
SAPException@710b18a6 [
  at org.talend.sap.exception.SAPException$Builder.<init>(SAPException.java:274)
  at org.talend.sap.exception.SAPException$Builder.<init>(SAPException.java:269)
  at org.talend.sap.exception.SAPException.newBuilder(SAPException.java:74)
  at org.talend.sap.impl.SAPUtil.createExceptionBuilder(SAPUtil.java:107)
  at org.talend.sap.impl.service.SAPTableDataService.getTableData(SAPTableDataService.java:234)
  at repository.job_dfkkop_0_1.job_DFKKOP.tSAPTableInput_1Process(job_DFKKOP.java:7628)
  at repository.job_dfkkop_0_1.job_DFKKOP.tHDFSConnection_1Process(job_DFKKOP.java:501)
  at repository.job_dfkkop_0_1.job_DFKKOP.runJobInTOS(job_DFKKOP.java:8354)
  at repository.job_dfkkop_0_1.job_DFKKOP.main(job_DFKKOP.java:8186)
[statistics] disconnected


When you try to read data that exceeds the buffer, you get an error called by RFC_READ_TABLE, which returns an exception: DATA_BUFFER_EXCEEDED.


It should (if possible) limit / reduce the number of columns (fields) that you want to download from the SAP system. In that, you will reduce the amount of memory allocated and do not exceed the same buffer which is set to 512 characters.


Add property “api.use_z_talend_read_table” = “true” in Advanced settings section in tSAPTableInput component.

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