[SOLVED] Docker for Windows Hyper-V: how to share the Internet to Docker containers or virtual machines?


Do you use Hyper-V virtualization, create a virtual machine, but it does not have internet access? No problem. We can solve it easily!


The reason for the lack of internet is the lack of a Virtual Switch defined between our computer and the virtual machine. We can treat Virtual Switch as such a “bridge” connecting our local computer network with the virtual machine VM network.


  1. Open Hyper-V Manager
  2. Select Virtual Switch Manager from the right menu
  3. Choose DockerNAT
  4. Select External Network and choose the Internet source. In my case I am connected to Wi-Fi, so I choose Intel(T) Dual Band Wirless-AC. If you are connected “by cable” select options Ethernet Connection.

This configuration will make the internet accessible from Docker containers and virtual machines.

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