Repository Navigator disappeared completely after undocking in Informatica Powercenter 10.1.1 – how to reset it?

Sometime if you undocking your Repository Navigator from one of the Informatica tools (e.g. Designer, Workflow Manager) and close it, your Repository Navigator can completely disappreared. So you cannot dock it again, because it is not available. You can try add Navigation pane using View -> Navigator, but for the most cases it does not work. 

Look at the below steps to resolve restoring Navigator pane:

1. Open Registry Editor from Start -> Registry Editor

2. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Informatica/PoerMart Client Tools/<you Informatica verions>

3. Take a export of the current registry by right-clicking e.g. Designer -> Export

4. Then right click on the Designer -> Delete

5. Close the Registry Editor

6. Run the Designer and check if the Respository Navigator appear!

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Repository Navigator was not showing up in workflow manager and upon following up on the above steps, deleted workflow manager registry key folder and started workflow manager to see repository navigator window! Thanks for the steps. Works perfectly!!