Spark check if table exists in Hive using Apache Spark or PySpark? – great and simple 2 snippets of code!

You are currently viewing Spark check if table exists in Hive using Apache Spark or PySpark? – great and simple 2 snippets of code!
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Spark check if table exists in Hive

[ PySpark check if table exists in Hive or Scala ] When you are looking for hive table please provide table name in lowercase, due to fact that spark.sqlContext.tableNames returns the array of table names only in lowercase.plugin table of contents

Information about tables in Hive are stored in Hive Metastore.

Spark 2.0 or higher

// Create SparkSession object with enabled Hive support
val spark = SparkSession
.appName("Check table")
// Select database where you will search for table - lowercase
spark.sqlContext.sql("use bigdata_etl")
res4: Boolean = true

// With Uppercase
res4: Boolean = false

Since Spark 1.6 to 2.0

// Get HiveContext from SparkContext
val sparkConf = new SparkConf().setAppName("Check table")
val sc = new SparkContext(sparkConf)
val hiveContext = new HiveContext(sc)
hiveContext.sql("use bigdata_etl")

// With Uppercase
res4: Boolean = false

If table will exist you will give the “true”, otherwise “false”

PySpark Check if table exists

The above examples are presented using Scala language, but we are using a pure Spark API here, so in PySpark it will look the same. In that easy way you can check if table exists PySpark.

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Amayak Urumyan

Side note. spark.sqlContext.tableNames array contains lower case names only. Make sure, the name of the table is all lowercase, otherwise, the result will be false.

spark.sqlContext.tableNames.contains(“schemas”) – true
spark.sqlContext.tableNames.contains(“Schemas”) – false