[SOLVED] Maven settings.xml password special characters – 1 simple solution

You are currently viewing [SOLVED] Maven settings.xml password special characters – 1 simple solution
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Problem -> Maven settings.xml password with special characters

When you define a connection to a proxy server or to (Maven settings.xml password special characters), for example, an artifact repository that contains names specifically such as:

  • < (less-than)
  • > (greater-than)
  • & (ampersand)
  • ‘ (apostrophe or single quote)
  • ” (double-quote)

Solution -> Maven

Of course, we can change the password to one that does not contain special characters, but a much better solution will be to use the so-called escape characters. Below is a table on how to replace a particular special character.

BigData-ETL: Screenshot from 2019 10 13 14 42 06


The truth is that we should convert special characters to avoid characters wherever we have XML. This will avoid unpleasant surprises when suddenly we come across one of these signs in the data. (Maven settings.xml password special characters)

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