How to run several commands on a Linux system in parallel mode?


You would like to run several commands at the same time, but each of them should be run in a separate thread. The following script will allow you to do this.


for cmd in "$@"; do {
  echo "--> Running \"$cmd\" command!";
  $cmd & pid=$!
  RUN_PID_LIST+=" $pid";
} done

trap "kill $RUN_PID_LIST" SIGINT
echo "--> Commands were run...";
echo "--> All your processes have been completed!";


Then run the command.

./ "echo 1" "sleep 2" "echo 2" "sleep 2"

You will get the result as below:

./ "echo 1" "sleep 2" "echo 2" "sleep 2"
--> Running "echo 1" command!
--> Running "sleep 2" command!
--> Running "echo 2" command!
--> Running "sleep 2" command!
--> Commands were run...
--> All your processes have been completed!


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