How To Install PySpark On Windows 10? – Check Easy 7 Steps!

Install PySpark On Windows
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In this post I will show you how to install PySpark" on Windows 10" / Windows 11 or even Windows" 7.



Microsoft" has created a number of operating systems under the Windows" brand. It is the most popular operating system for personal computers and is renowned for its graphical user" interface (GUI), which enables users to communicate with their computer using visual components like icons and Windows" rather than by entering commands at a command prompt. Servers and other types of computer systems can use Windows" as well.

Windows offers a platform for running many different kinds of software, such as media players, productivity programs, games", and web browsers. It has a wide range of features and capabilities that make it easy for users to manage their disk drives, files, and folders. Additionally, it has built-in security tools like firewall and virus defense. Windows" comes in a variety of versions, including Windows 10".


Python" is a general-purpose, high-level, interpreted programming language. Guido van Rossum produced it in 1989, and it was originally published in 1991. Python" is intended to be simple to understand and write, and it has a big and active user" community.

Python" supports a variety of programming" paradigms, including object-oriented, imperative, and functional programming". Its dynamic type system and intelligent memory management make it a popular choice for a variety of jobs ranging from web development to scientific computing and data analysis.

Python" includes a vast and comprehensive standard library that covers a wide range of typical programming activities, including connecting to web servers, reading and manipulating files, and dealing with data. A large number of third-party libraries and modules are also available, which may be readily loaded and imported into a Python" script.

Python’s simplicity and versatility have propelled it to the forefront of computer languages in recent years. It’s extensively utilized in a variety of industries, including web development, data research, scientific computing, finance, and education.

Python" code may be executed in a variety of ways, including in an interpreter or in a script file. You may also use the command-line interface" or an integrated development environment (IDE) to execute it.


The Python library for Spark" programming is called PySpark". Apache Spark" is a distributed computing system that is open-source and capable of processing a lot of data quickly. Instead of Scala" or Java", the other languages Spark" supports,

PySpark" enables users to interact with the Spark" framework using Python". To process data in a distributed computing environment, carry out intricate data operations and transformations, and create machine learning" models,

PySpark" lets you take advantage of Spark’s power. Additionally, it offers a straightforward method for handling data analysis and manipulation using NumPy and pandas, two well-known Python" data manipulation libraries.

Install PySpark On Windows (PySpark)

Please find the list of steps to install Spark on Windows"

  1. Install Java": PySpark requires the installation of Java" on your system. The most recent version of Java" is available for download from the Oracle website.
  2. Python" installation: PySpark" is written in Python", so you must have Python" installed on your system. Python’s most recent version can be downloaded from the Python website.
  3. Set up Py4j: With the help of the Py4j package, Java" programmers may invoke Python" functions. Pip may be used to instal it. Run the following command after opening the command prompt:
pip install py4j
  1. Install PySpark": PySpark" can be installed using pip, Python’s package manager. Run the following command from the command prompt:
pip install pyspark
  1. Check the installation: Run the following command from the command prompt:

That was the last step of how to install PySpark" on Windows".


I hope this post helped you to install PySpark" on Windows". Noting that setting up and running PySpark" correctly on Windows" can be a little challenging, you might want to refer to the PySpark" documentation for more details if needed.

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