How to install Hortonworks Sandbox with Data Platform in Microsoft Azure?

1. Create a new resource in Azure using existing Hortonworks Sandbox with HDP image

Please log into your portal azure and click into the button “Create a resource”. In the search text field please type “Hortonworks” (it will be enought to find the image which we are looking for) and click “Create” button.

2. Configure virutual machine

In Basics configuration please set:

  1. Name of virtual machine.
  2. Username and password
  3. Please select “Create new resource group” and set “hortonworks” value for instance.
  4. Select location. In my case I selected West Europe.

2a. Choose VM size

Please select B2ms size of virtual machine. It will cover the minimal hardware requirements for Hortonworks Data Platform.

2b. Setup Static IP address and select inbound ports

In settings please change the public IP from Dynamic to Static. It will give us the same IP address for your virtual machine after each restart or stop and run.

In settings please select also inbound ports and click OK like in the following screen.

2c. Deploy the Virtual Machine

Go to “Summary” tab and click “Create” button.

3. Summary

In this tutorial we created the Hortonworks Data Platform in Microsoft Azure. Please go the the next tutorial when I will show you how to add additional configuration and how to start to use your Hortonworks Sandbox environment to learn Apache Spark, Hive HBase and so on.

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Thanks in advanced!

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