Install DBeaver Ubuntu – 1 simple and easy step!

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DBeaver Community version is a free alternative (Install DBeaver Ubuntu) to have one tool that can handle many different databases. Written in Java, based on Eclipse.

Installation -> Install DBeaver Ubuntu

The easiest way to install DBeaver on Ubuntu is use the Ubuntu Software. It’s the palce where you can search and install tons of apps and games available

  1. Open it and type: DBeaver.
  2. Then click Install and voilà – DBeaver is installed and ready to use.

Setup connection to Postgres Database

If you do not have an instance yet, no database and you would like to start working on this topic, use the Postgres image that I created for my course. I strongly encourage you to take this free course! 🙂

SQL: Complete Online Training – Queries For Practice

Install DBeaver Ubuntu - 1 simple and easy step!

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