How to connect to server with private key using PuTTY

Often, instead of the standard username and password, you would like to use a private SSH key to connect to remote host via SSH. In this short post, I will show you how to connect to your server instance using SSH private key and PuTTY on Windows.

Setting host name

First, at the session window, enter your host name or IP address and select SSH as Connection type.

If you want, you can save your session – enter you session name at the Saved Session field and click Save. Without it, you will have to enter your configuration details every time.  

Adding private key file

Next, download your private key to your local computer and go to Connection -> SSH ->Auth at the category tab. You should see Private key file for authentication like on the screen below:

Click Browse… and select private key file from your computer.

Next, go to session tab and click Save to remember you private key file location and that’s it!

Finally, click Open button to connect to server.

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