[SOLVED] Git: .gitignore Intellij not ignoring .idea path – check why you have issue with it – easy solution in 1 min!

[SOLVED] Git: .gitignore Intellij not ignoring .idea path - check why you have issue with it - easy solution in 1 min!
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In this tutorial I will show you how to setup gitignore IntelliJ" together and also I will answer on the question: IntelliJ" gitignore not working.

What is IDEA IntelliJ?

IntelliJ IDEA is a Java-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that aims to boost developer productivity. It takes care of the mundane and repetitive duties for you by providing intelligent code completion, static code analysis, and refactorings, allowing you to concentrate on the more pleasurable aspects of software development.

What is Git?

Git is by far the most popular modern version control system in use today. Git is a mature, actively maintained open" source project created by Linus Torvalds, the well-known developer of the Linux" operating system kernel, in 2005. Git is used for version control in an astonishing number of software projects, both commercial and open" source. Git-experienced developers are plentiful in the pool of accessible software development talent, and it runs smoothly on a variety of operating systems and IDEs (Integrated Development Environments).

Git: .gitignore Intellij not ignoring git ignore .idea path - check why you have issue with it - easy solution in 1 min!
[SOLVED] Git: .gitignore Intellij not ignoring .idea path - check why you have issue with it - easy solution in 1 min! 4

Fix Setup Of Intellij IDEA gitignore

The nature of .gitignore is that only newly added files are ignored.[ gitignore Intellij git ignore .idea gitignore not working ]In the situation that a directory has been added to your repository, e.g. the mentioned .idea, then changes to these directories or file files are simply tracked by Git. To resolve the problem, you must remove this path from the git cache. The same problem applies to every other case, i.e. any directory or file.

.gitignore: Solution

As I mentioned above to solve the issue we must remove this path from cache. Please use the command below to do this.

git rm --cached -r .idea

How To Make IntelliJ ignore the .idea directory

To make IntelliJ" ignore the .idea directory, you can add it to your .gitignore file by including the following line:

# IntelliJ files

You can also ignore specific files within the .idea directory by specifying them individually, for example:

# IntelliJ files

Make sure that the .gitignore file is located in the root directory of your Git repository, and that it is committed and pushed to the remote repository.

If you have already added the .idea directory to the repository and you want to stop tracking it, you can use the following command to remove it from the repository:

git rm -r --cached .idea

This will remove the .idea directory from the repository, but it will not delete the directory or its contents from your local file system. You will need to commit and push the change to the remote repository for it to take effect.


Where is Gitignore in Intellij?

In root folder of your project.

How do I ignore files in Intellij?

open" .gitignore file and add the directories or files which must be ignored:
Example entries:



How do I open a .gitignore file in Intellij?

How do I open a .gitignore file in Intellij?

Just click two times on file:

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