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We are glad that you came here in BigData ETL Gifts! 🙂 At the moment, our number of gifts that we can give you is not very rich, but in the future we will try to get a new one.

We work in BigData and ETL on a daily basis, so we will try to provide you with as much new and interesting information and topics as possible. In addition to free materials, we plan to create thematic e-books in the future.

Free Courses in BigData ETL Gifts!

If you would like to start your adventure with Talend, this course is perfect for you. It will allow you to learn the basics of the tool, learn about good practices and basic components that you will later use in everyday work with this tool.

Talend DI Tutorial: Talend Complete online training – great start with Talend in 12 lessons!

The next course is the basics of SQL. At the moment it is under construction. Working persons will be able to complete this course. SQL basics are necessary to be able to work with BigData and ETL tools because it is ubiquitous there. If you feel that you need to train yourself in this subject, do not wait, just start the course now!

SQL: Setup Learning Environment – Complete online training

Free Materials

In addition, we recommend you to view our other posts on selected topics. Go through the Tags that interest you and find something interesting for you that will help you deepen your knowledge in a given field.

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In the future we will add more materials in this section: in BigData ETL Gifts! See you soon!

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